The Great Battle: Ebook vs. Paperbook

We’ve reached the big epic battle. Modern or classic? We all have that one friend that bought the first ebook that came to life, which to be honest, it wasn’t the best thing on earth. We all saw the first ones, quite rustic and not very easy to use. You had to fight with buttons that were there God knows why, and then be extremely patient for the page to change to the next. Not to mention that the first ebooks didn’t have a lot of books to put in. We all had that skeptical first impression that didn’t quite convince us.

And then there were the ones that didn’t want an ebook in their life. These are what I’d call the classic readers. The smell of the first time you open a new book. The black in for the letters. Those lovely soft covers. Those extremely beautiful hardcovers or those special editions… I must confess that I’m really ambivalent to when it comes to this matter. I love to have my bookshelf full of books. Some of them you read only once, some of them you know you’ll re-read someday. The special ones, all of them separated in another, smaller bookshelf…

But to be honest, I do own an ebook. And I love it.

I remember when I went to a summer vacation in New York and I brought with me three books because I wanted to read all of them in the plane since I had nine hours of flight, and nine more for the return flight. And when I was there, I visited so many libraries and bought so many books that I had to leave things I brought with me where I was staying. All because the books were using up half of my suitcase. Obviously I wouldn’t leave my books behind, but by then I didn’t have an ebook, and I remember thinking “I need to buy one”.

One good thing of having an ebook for me is that I can have books from all over the world. Most of my titles are in English, and since I live in Spain sometimes is a bit hard to buy books in English, and impossible if they don’t have a Spanish translation. So with my ebook, I just go to the page where I can buy the ebook edition and I put it in my little “Booksaurus” (yeah, this is how I call my ebook).

So, ebook or paperbook?

I have to say that I’m deciding for both. I can’t really choose one, because sometimes there will be a special edition of that book you’ve always wanted and you’ll want to buy it physical, and then there will be so many books that you won’t want to spend too much money and you’ll buy the ebook edition. Also, let’s be honest, an ebook is much more lighter than a paperbook, so if you have to carry it around, you’ll have plenty of books in one same device.

So, ebook for lighter reads outdoors and for normal editions. Paper for special editions or limited editions of some specific books. It’s this easy for me guys! Let me know what you all think of it in the comments! I’d love to know your opinions!


Here’s the review of a book I read on my ebook!
I’m leaving the link where you can buy the ebook I have, which is the Kobo Aura H2O.

See you in the next post!

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