Are we going mad? – “Escape form Asylum”, by Madeleine Roux

Beware, spoilers ahead! I talk about the end of the book, so if you haven’t read this book and are thinking of reading it, you might want to skip the last paragraph.

Hello folks! To this day, we have already seen two reviews of Roux’s books: Asylum and Sanctum. Which one I liked better? Can’t really say… Both of them!

This book is technically the first one in the story, but it got published after the three main novels “Asylum”, “Sanctum” and “Catacomb”. She published “Escape from Asylum” in 2016. This novella that lets us know how it was like to live in the asylum with Warden Crawford, the mad doctor we keep hearing stories but never met before.

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Romantic or Sexist – Review of Pestilence, by Laura Thalassa

Before I start with the review, know that you might find some spoilers!

Laura Thalassa is a YA, Fantasy and Romance writer known for her series of books “The Fallen World” and “The Bargainer”. She has written the first book of the series “The Four Horsemen”, which is the book I’m here to review. There’s only one book published; she is now working on her second novel. The title of the book I’ve read is called “Pestilence”, and as you can imagine, it is about one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

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Still with old school ghost stories – “Sanctum”, by Madeleine Roux

Hello readers! Today I’m here with the review of the second book Madeleine Roux published: Sanctum. It’s the sequel of the Asylum series and it really was a great read!

As we already know, Madeleine Roux is a New York Times bestselling author of Asylum. Other published books of the same author are Catacomb, House of Furies and Court of Shadows. She will publish Tomb of Ancients in 2019.

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The Great Battle: Ebook vs. Paperbook

We’ve reached the big epic battle. Modern or classic? We all have that one friend that bought the first ebook that came to life, which to be honest, it wasn’t the best thing on earth. We all saw the first ones, quite rustic and not very easy to use. You had to fight with buttons that were there God knows why, and then be extremely patient for the page to change to the next. Not to mention that the first ebooks didn’t have a lot of books to put in. We all had that skeptical first impression that didn’t quite convince us.

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