Still with old school ghost stories – “Sanctum”, by Madeleine Roux

Hello readers! Today I’m here with the review of the second book Madeleine Roux published: Sanctum. It’s the sequel of the Asylum series and it really was a great read!

As we already know, Madeleine Roux is a New York Times bestselling author of Asylum. Other published books of the same author are Catacomb, House of Furies and Court of Shadows. She will publish Tomb of Ancients in 2019.

The book is divided in 35 chapters, all of them very short, which makes it easier to read, since you can put it down whenever you have to and pick up at the next chapter (but to be honest, it is really difficult to put it down once you’ve started reading it). Madeleine uses a lot of images that complements the text, which helps you see the environment the way she sees it.

The novel is about the same three teenagers of the first book, Dan, Abby and Jordan. They meet again at the New Hampshire College in Halloween because they receive images with a text that forces them to go back. They believe that going back there will help them make a real closure of the experiences of that last summer.

With this, they find themselves involved with a secret society that implicates unexpected people, and that forces them to find out the truth in order to survive. They are constantly looking for clues that will help them, but somehow there’s always someone ahead of them.

And they will have to figure out who is that so none of them end up killed.

This book is as well written as the first one, which I really like because it makes it very easy to read. She doesn’t use any complicated words to make it “more sophisticated” (I’ve found many books where the author overdoes this and it only confuses the reader). She writes what she wants to show us and she doesn’t add unnecessary sentences, explanations or even chapters. She goes straight to the point, and that is something I really value in a book.

It is a clear example of a Young Adult novel, where the plot is note very complicated and with only one narrative story, which helps us focus on the details of the story, since we don’t have to remember too many things unrelated to the main story.

The way the characters deal with everything that happens to them is quite plausible. Consequently, it makes you believe the story, which in my opinion that means that the author really knows what she’s doing.

If I had to relate to one character in this second book, I’d keep choosing Dan and Abby, because of the way both of them are and what they are interested in. Moreover, I’d probably react the same way as they did in the book with the situations they were facing.

I don’t want to say anything else about the characters or the plot because it would probably become a spoiler review. Therefore, what I feel like it’s left to say is my recommendation. If you like YA novels and be scared once in a while, this is definitely your book. It’s not a horror novel, so it is a good pick for younger readers. It is also a good book if you are on your twenties, like me. I’ve read it twice already and I know I’ll read it again someday. It definitely has something…

So, in conclusion, I definitely recommend this book to anyone that wants a scary yet fresh read.

Do not read this book before reading the first one! This is the second part of the series and you won’t understand anything unless you read Asylum, which is the first one.

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Thank you for reading my review on Madeleine Roux’s book Sanctum! Here’s the review on the first book Asylum!

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