Shh… Silence. Don’t say anything. Close your eyes and enjoy. Let yourself get wet by the water drops. Listen how the tree protects you from getting too wet. Listen to how the leaves receive the drops with a subtle noise that turns into a relaxing sound for your ears. Raise your hand and let the water wet it, let it get cold for the subtle wind that sneaks between your fingers. Enjoy this sensation, for you know it is not eternal. Listen to how your horse scratches the ground, listen to how he is feeling the same sensations as yours. You have arrived to this field alone, in which theres nothing more than the tree you are under. No one is looking for you. No one is bothering you. It’s you and your horse. The horse and you. He touches your back with his noise. He is looking for your petting, and you give them to him. You touch his head and breathe in deeply. You smell him and enjoy this feeling. You keep petting him and touch his long neck, strong as an oak. He puts his head down and hugs you. You hug him back. You are both united in an embrace that gives you both warmth. It makes you feel so good… The rain starts to cease. Less and less raindrops. You have enjoyed the silence. Your silence. Now you have to go back. There are people waiting for you. Loved people. Friends, family; some of them are here, others among the stars, among the birds and among the raindrops. You have to go back now…

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