Old school ghost stories are back – Review of Asylum, by Madeleine Roux

Madeleine Roux is a New York Times bestselling author of Asylum, the book I’m here to review today. She has won the “Teen Indie Next List Pick” for her first book published in eleven countries. She graduated in the writing program at the Beloit College. Other published books of the same author are Sanctum, Catacomb, House of Furies and Court of Shadows. She will publish Tomb of Ancients in 2019. Madeleine now lives in Seattle.


The book is divided in 37 chapters, which are very short. Some of them are only a couple of pages, therefore it is very easy to read. The author uses a lot of images to help the reader imagine the places that Roux makes up in this novel. The images though, are real photographs of long forgotten asylums and other abandoned places.

This novel is about three teenagers, Dan, Abby and Jordan who meet in a summer program called New Hampshire College Prep. For Dan, our main character, it means a lot more than just a prep program; it is his lifeline. When the boy arrives at the program, he finds out that he has to sleep in a building that used to be a sanatorium where dangerous and notorious mentally ill patients resided. 

Dan and his new friends start exploring the hidden parts of the building where they are not allowed to go, and discover that the three of them ended up there for a reason. Now that they have discovered the secrets of the past they have to deal with the consequences that this brings to each of them.

I liked the way the book is written because it is really easy to read. It scared me sometimes even though I was reading it in the middle of the day. It is a clear example of a Young Adult novel, where the plot is, although it is fun to read, quite simple, with not a lot of twists and with only one narrative story.

The way the characters deal with everything that happens to them is quite plausible. Consequently, it makes you believe the story, which in my opinion is a good sign that means that the author really knows what she’s doing.

If I had to relate to one character it would be pretty hard for me to choose only one. Dan is the character I’d end up choosing, but I also identify quite a lot with Abby, because of the way both of them are and their interests. Moreover, I’d probably react the same way as they did in the book with the situations they were facing.

I don’t want to say anything else about the characters or the plot because it would probably become a spoiler review. What I feel like it’s left to say is my recommendation. If you like YA novels and be scared once in a while, this is definitely your book. It’s not a horror novel, so it is readable for younger readers. It is also a good book if you are on your twenties, like me. I’ve read it a couple of times and I know I’ll read it again. It definitely has something… Probably the ambience or the photographs, or the fact that it is so well written.

So, in conclusion, I definitely recommend this book to anyone that wants a scary yet fresh read.

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