Are we going mad? – “Escape form Asylum”, by Madeleine Roux

Beware, spoilers ahead! I talk about the end of the book, so if you haven’t read this book and are thinking of reading it, you might want to skip the last paragraph.

Hello folks! To this day, we have already seen two reviews of Roux’s books: Asylum and Sanctum. Which one I liked better? Can’t really say… Both of them!

This book is technically the first one in the story, but it got published after the three main novels “Asylum”, “Sanctum” and “Catacomb”. She published “Escape from Asylum” in 2016. This novella that lets us know how it was like to live in the asylum with Warden Crawford, the mad doctor we keep hearing stories but never met before.

I feel this book is quite different from the others I’ve read; you don’t have the same characters, you don’t know anyone besides what you’ve already read from Warden Crawford. You also don’t know who to trust, how would you keep going if you were the main character… And I honestly believe this is a very good thing if you think of the writer’s skill. This means that the author really knew what she was doing when writing the story, and knew as well how she wanted it to be. Always thinking of the character’s coherence, which is something that isn’t always easy to maintain.

I like how the reason for the characters to be patients in the asylum isn’t a morbid madness so overused by these kind of novels. The main character is a homosexual young man, and the friend he makes in there is a transexual young woman, which I believe in the sixties was still a “licit reason for hospitalization”.

This is something I appreciate when reading books that are set in mental hospitals; you don’t always have to be criminally insane to be hospitalized. You can have something less “aggressive” or “morbid” like a depression, bipolar disorder or BPD… Or something so condemned a few years back like homosexuality and transexuality.

This makes it easier for people to empathize with the characters, since not everyone knows someone with psychosis or psycopathy, but most of us know someone who is homosexual, and we might know what many of them go through when they are not accepted in their families and circle of friends.

Spoilers ahead!

As you all may know, I love Madeleine Roux’s novels, so it’s no surprise I liked this one too. But the thing is, I feel like it’s missing something in the end. I don’t know what happens with the asylum when the main characters leave. We know they end up in New York, living the life they want, but there’s no addition to what happens to the other characters. Still, this is the only thing that I wanted to bring up, since I don’t know if it is something the author forgot to close, or if it is left open intentionally.

This is the end of the review guys! I hope you liked it!

I’ll be leaving some links that might be of your interest!
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