Bath time

Ana was almost home from work. It was a night by the end of October and she was starting to get cold, so she ran home to get there as soon as possible. It had been a year since she moved to the new apartment and what she loved the most was the bathtub, where she usually filled it with hot water and a bath bomb when she felt stressed after work.
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Rain in Paris II

Watching so many people run I can’t help but notice a guy who is not protected from the rain. On the contrary, it seems that he seeks to get wet. Why? Even if it is summer it is windy, and it is even cold. People have put on sweatshirts or jackets, but this guy is still in short sleeves, with open arms and a look at the sky.

“What a curious boy,” I think. I’m so absorbed looking at what he’s doing that when I realize I’ve already spilled more than half of my latte.

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