Bath Time II

Very slowly, she got up to grab the bathrobe, but when she intended to step out of the bathtub, at the other side of the door she heard the footsteps stop. She was out of her breath again, on her feet and with drops that fell into the bathtub making a noise that at that time seemed tremendous. The footsteps resumed its rhythm and Ana thought that the intruder entered the kitchen. She used that moment to get out of the bathtub and put on the bathrobe, but she did it too fast, because the brush fell on the floor, making a tremendous noise. Ana cursed as she’d never done before when the door slammed open. There he was. Victor. — I knew I wasn’t wrong. – Ana, scared to death, looked at him with her eyes wide open, feeling more helpless than ever. — How did you find me? -. — Who cares? The important thing is that I found you. And I want you back. Come home and let’s start over. I’ve changed, I’m not how I used to be. I love you and I don’t want to lose you again. I won’t allow it. The person you knew doesn’t exist anymore. – Ana knew him well. She had learned from that relationship what was blackmail and manipulation. She wouldn’t fall in his trap again. Not again. She knew what happened to the women that couldn’t escape from their husbands and she knew she didn’t want to be another victim. She kicked him as hard as she could in his crotch and wan out of the bathroom aand went straight to the entrance door, but when she tried to open the door she saw it was locked, and the keys were nowhere to be found. Asshole, she thought. She turned around to got to the kitchen, but she knew she would find him in the corridor before she could get there, so she tried to get her phone, which was in her bag, in the entrance closet, but before she could see him, he pushed her and she hit the mirror, making her bleed. Before hitting the floor, he was already holding her, shaking her. — I just said I love you and what you do is kick me? Can’t you see that I’m not the guilty one here? You are a fucking ungrateful woman. After all I’ve done for you all this years! – Ana couldn’t get off him. Her forehead hurt too much. She spat blood out of her mouth. — You say that you have changed, but look at me. – She looked up to face his eyes. – You are making me bleed again. – Ana had tears in her eyes. Victor let her go. She fell on her knees. Recovering her breath, she broke away from him and with the help of the nearest chair, stood up again. — You are never going to change. A person like you can never change. You are sick. You are aggressive, offensive, manipulator and cruel. You are always promising things you never keep. I want you to forfet about me, I want you to leave me alone and disappear from my life. I wish I never had met you. You disgust me. In one of his fury outbursts, Victor went after her, but Ana dodged him and run to the kitchen, knowing he was right behind her. On the kitchen table was the knife she had used that same day. She took it with the intention to threat him. She turned around and when Victor jumped on her, in an automatic reflex, she put the knife in front of her and she stuck it in his abdomen. Victor stood still and looked at his abdomen. He took a step back, but Ana didn’t let go of the knife. Victor fell on his knees, watching how the blood stained his shirt. He ended up dying after a long couple of minutes. Ana, even though she didn’t feel that way at the time, was one of the fortunate ones. Fifteen minutes later, the police arrived, took the body out of the house and the ambulance took Ana to the nearest hospital, still in shock.

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