28 Struggles only book addicts will understand

We all have problems everyday because of our book addiction. I’ve decided to compile the struggles I deal with almost everyday. A lot of us are really misunderstood bookworms…

1. Buying more and more books even though your TBR pile is taller than you.

2. When someone says that the movie is better.

3. When someone says that, if there’s no movie adaptation, it means that the book isn’t good at all. W H A T ? Thank God there’s no movie adaptation so that no one can butcher it!

4. When you want physical books but can only afford only the ebook edition.

5. When a friend dog-ears a book you lent them. What a monster.

6. ¡¿Where is my tea?! I can’t read without my tea!

7. Finding out that someone you like just “doesn’t read”.

8. People saying you read too much. As if that would be possible.

9. Lending a book to a friend and never getting it back.

10. Losing your place when the bookmark falls out. ¡¿Where was I?!

11. When you drop your book in the bathtub… Worst. Thing. Ever.

12. When you have to wait a whole year for the next book of the series and you know you’ll have to reread the book once the next one comes out.

13. P A P E R C U T S.

14. When you find out you’ve been mispronouncing the character’s name the whole time.

15. When you finish that book you were loving… I mean, feelings…

16. Picking a new book to read from your TBR pile. So many choices!

17. When you’re interrupted while reading.

18. Watching the movie adaptation of a book you loved and finding out they’ve changed the end because… Hollywood…

19. S P O I L E R S.

20. A folded page… OUCH!

21. When you hate the book everyone loves.

22. When you forget your book at the bus. So long my friend…

23. When you skip your bus stop because you were reading and now you are late.

24. Those awful covers that don’t make justice to the book…

25. The TV show or movie cover. Can you not?

26. When someone asks you what is your favourite book. All of them! Duh!

27. That moment when you are too sleepy to keep reading and yet you do, and the next morning you don’t remember what you read.

28. Realising someone has already written the book you’ve always wanted to write. And when you read it, you realise it is better than what yours would have been.

That’s it for today folks! I’m sure you all know the struggles as well as me… Do you have any other difficulty that hasn’t been listed above? I’d love to know what you guys go through!

See you in the next post!

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